Making Trombone Within Reach

The trombone is big, but that shouldn't stop you. With the Extendabone trombone slide extension handle, anyone can play trombone!

I highly recommend this great new product Extendabone!  No longer do trombonists have to feel stressed when playing 6th and 7th positions or written glissandi. Extendabone takes all the worry out of awkward reaches on the instrument. Extendabone will be excellent for all younger players and trombonists at all levels.  I love this product's simple and easy-to-use design.

Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic

A product band directors have been waiting for



The comfortable design fits easily into any hand



players of any level can easily incorporate Extendabone into their playing



Our cute mascot and bright colors are sure to bring a smile to any face



Extendabone was designed to support good habits and help build more good ones



Clip onto the handslide with the logo facing out. If it is too loose, attach the foam inside the clip. It should pivot but not slide up and down.


Hold the handle just like the trombone slide. The fat part of the handle fits in your palm with a groove for your thumb.


Hold Extendabone in line with the slide handle until you need the extra length to reach far positions.


Fold it back parallel with the stockings when you don't need it.

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What They're Saying

Extendabone is working well!! I can play my 7th position in tune and I can reach there without having to stretch out my entire body.

Hanae Yoshida, Juilliard School Student

My student loves the Extendabone! He was reaching excessively to play notes in 5th-7th positions, negatively affecting his embouchure. Using the slide extension, he can comfortably play through the entire range, and he doesn’t think twice about reaching those positions.

Joel Mikulyak, Trombone teacher Red Bank, NJ

Your extender is nifty! Thanks for the great idea/product.

Zelda Malevitz, Miami, FL

Product News and Updates

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By Extendabone | December 30, 2019

Because I have been a professional trombonist for thirteen years and I still need one.…

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Some people have asked how I came up with this name since it technically extends…

Manufacturing Update:

By Extendabone | October 30, 2019

Extendabone is almost here! The mold for injection manufacturing was ordered on February 21 and…