Aluminum Spray Bottle


How do you make a better trombone slide spray bottle?
You make it in aluminum, make sure it has an ultra-fine spray, and put a happy dinosaur on the side, of course!

This is not your average trombone slide spray bottle. The spray is ultra-fine and extra strong, so you get the coverage you need, when you want it.
The material is greener as it is generally 68% recyclable vs. 3% in plastic.

Finally, what product isn’t improved by putting Rex on it? This happy face will greet you all day long and make your practice sessions just a little bit brighter.

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In keeping with our Eco-friendly mission, this trombone slide spray bottle is made of aluminum rather than plastic. Rex is proudly shown on the side using his Extendabone.

The misting action is second to none, and the size of the bottle means that you can fit it in your pocket, but also not be refilling it constantly.

This spray bottle is a must have for every trombone player.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1 in
Materials: Recycled Nylon 6-6


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