Extendabone is an affordable solution to the age-old arm length problem plaguing trombonists around the world. This ingenious product allows even the smallest player to be more successful with their intonation on the instrument. Students who feel more successful, have more fun, and are more likely to stick with it.


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Extendabone is an easy and inexpensive solution that will allow everyone to play trombone.

  • ERGONOMIC shape fits any hand of any size. Larger hands will hold farther down and smaller ones farther up. This lets the handle automatically adapt its length uniquely to every player.
  • INTUITIVE design is easy to use and understand. The thumb groove shows which direction the handle should be put onto the slide and the shepherd’s hook is easy to put on and take off when you need it. For quicker switching, you can fold it back so Extendabone is there whenever you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.
  • SUPPORTIVE of good habits. Extendabone was designed to both support good existing slide technique and develop good slide technique for new players. The patent pending shape fills the empty space created when the thumb and first two fingers come together, which is the hand position of a good slide grip.
  • FUN! The bright colors and Tyrannosaurus Rex mascot were designed with an irreverent and child-like spirit. No one can look at Rex without smiling. He is just as happy to be able to play the trombone as you will be when you get Extendabone. Product Description


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1 in
Color Choice

Red, Blue, Black

Materials: Recycled Nylon 6-6


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A. Extendabone is for anyone who can't reach any position easily and without straining their body. This is very common with young beginners, but it is also professional players like myself, and Matt Vaughn, the Co-Principal trombone of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Even if you have found a way to reach 6th or 7th position without Extendabone, you may benefit from using it.

Q. When do you use Extendabone while playing? Is it all the time?

A. Extendabone is only intended to be used when the player needs it. I suggest holding Extendabone on the phrases where you will be using it to reach a far position. When you no longer need it, you can switch your grip to the hand-slide. Extendabone is intended to be a tool like a step stool that allows the player to do what they need to do when they need it.

Q. Will Extendabone mess up slide technique?

A. No, absolutely not. First, because it is not intended to be used all the time, it will not impede the development of good slide technique. Second, When you are using it, the shape of the handle is intended to allow a natural grip and even helps shape a beginner's hand into the proper shape.

Q. What instrument models and manufacturers does Extendabone work with?

A. Extendabone will work with most every trombone, but may be a little loose on some models and need adjusting. Unfortunately, the diameter of the hand-slide brace is not standard across manufacturers and models. I tried my best to make sure it works on as many models as I could test, but eventually I had to decide on a size and go to market.

Q. What do I do if Extendabone is loose on my trombone?

A. If Extendabone slides up and down too easily, then you can add a little tennis racket tape to the hand-slide or the inside of the shepherd's crook of Extendabone in order to take up the extra space.

Q. Does Extendabone work on a pBone?

A. Yes, Extendabone works with the pBone. However, it may come off of the slide when you extend to the farthest positions. When this happens, as you pull Extendabone back in, it will catch the slide again.

Q. Why did you make a design that can come off of the pBone so easily?

A. After testing different prototypes with my middle school students, I determined that having this design was preferable to one with a locking mechanism. This was because the young students found it to be too difficult to put Extendabone on the slide by themselves with those designs. The rotation would ultimately still end up unlocking and coming off the slide and then I had to individually help each student.

I prefer having a tool that lets the student be fully independent, especially when the music they are being asked to play does not require particularly fast movement between positions.